RioSH provides innovative product design and embedded services for all the industry verticals

Business Expertise

RioSH Technology designs, develops and delivers EMBEDDED SOLUTIONS AND SERVICES to clients from various industries. We take complete ownership of client’s requirements from concept to implementation.

Our team has capability and expertise of product innovation, project management, and technology integrations to cater to any industry for embedded solutions. We have defined our processes as well as best practices and methodologies to expedite the product development lifecycle.

Embedded technologies are evolving, and client’s requirements are becoming more diverse. We always focus on innovation and make adoption of new technology easier to understand and use for end customers.

Technical Expertise

Processors – ARM Cortex A7/A8/A9, ARM Cortex M0/M4, NXP iMX6, NXP Kinetis, STM32, TI DSP & Video SoC, Nordic nRF series

Operating Systems – Linux, Android, Free RTOS, iOS, Custom RTOS, MS Windows

Languages – C, Embedded C, C++, Java, Assembly Language, Visual C++, Scripting Languages

Interfaces – Ethernet, HDMI, I2C/SPI, Video / Audio, RS232/RS485, USB, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, RFID, ZigBee, Sub-GHz, Accelerometers, GSM/GPS, NFC

Development Tools – TI Code compressor studio, Tasking, Keil, Realview, ST Micro

PCB Design Tools – Altium, Eagle

Our Industry Expertise

Wearable Devices

Whether it’s fitness trackers or smart watch or smart jewellery or smart clothes, consumers are excited to adopt the third-generation wearable devices. At Glide, we regularly work with start-ups and enterprises who have innovative ideas to develop wearable devices for consumers to stay connected and track their goals.

Internet of Things (IoT)

IoT ecosystem has portfolio of web-connected devices for different solutions. Industrial IoT (IIoT) has speed up the decision-making process by providing right information at the right time to decision maker. We have specialized in the delivering end-to-end IoT solution to our clients starting from developing HMI displays to Home LED Lighting System.


High accuracy, precision and better performance are the major reasons for need of Automation. Automating the functionalities of Smart Home and processes of Industry require different implementation approach. We drive innovation in both Home Automation and Industrial Automation with our diverse technology offerings.


Many healthcare systems require adoption of recent technological advancement. Reliable healthcare system must address issues such as regulatory compliance, meeting all the safety standards and ease of use. Our R&D capabilities in the healthcare sector allowed us to build special purpose healthcare application and devices which helped the industry.