Google’s coronavirus information site is now live


Google has just launched a site with information and resources to understand the coronavirus outbreak. You can access it at

The site presently serves US-based visitors, but content for more countries and in more languages are slated to be added soon (Spanish is up next, reports The Verge.)This device turns any wall into a piece of artWhat if you could turn a wall into a piece of art? With this robot, you can. That’s not all – you can also use it for practical info like weather forecasts or grocery lists.Volume 0%

Google‘s site includes information about the disease, links to health advisory material from the World Health Organization and to public health departments for each US state, safety tips, data on the spread of coronavirus around the world, ideas for living well and working at home, and a donation drive to support the UN Foundation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund for the World Health Organization.

Google is also curating vetted information to display in search results about the disease, as well as links to Twitter accounts of local civic organizations and health authorities.

President Trump announced last week that Google was building a website to help people in the US find testing locations. It was actually Verily, an Alphabet subsidiary, that built the site. It currently only serves people residing in a couple of counties in California.

There’s plenty to read on Google‘s site already, but if you need more, there’s another portal launched by WhatsApp, as well as several dashboards to track the spread of coronavirus, including this mobile-friendly one created by Microsoft.