Microsoft Skype rolls out ‘Meet now’, allows video calls without signing up or downloading the app


Microsoft’s Skype has released a new feature called ‘Meet Now’, which lets users conduct video calls without signing up or downloading the app. The move comes during the times of the coronavirus pandemic, which has led to a majority of people staying at home while maintaining social distance.

With ‘Meet Now’, users can simply host a video conference without having to sign up or download the app. To start a video group call, the admin needs to generate a free link and share it with the participants. Other users do not need to have the Skype app installed to join the video call. The link redirects users to a browser and starts the video call immediately.

Notably, the ‘Meet Now’ feature offers other Skype features like recording the video call, blurring the background, screen sharing, etc. Skype notes that the video recordings are stored for up to 30 days, and shared media even longer. Moreover, the Skype video call link works on any device.

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